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Rationel Timber Approved Installer for Somerset

The secret is out. Today we were officially invited into partnership with Rationel.
We have been chosen as Rationel's Approved Installers for luxury timber and aluminium-clad windows and doors across Somerset. We feel it is a great honour, and testament to the quality of our installations and customer service.

Rationel is an industry leader in the manufacturer of high quality timber windows and doors based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.
Matthew has been installing timber windows for many years, and is confident in the quality and attention to detail Rationel offer. We needed a quality wooden window that would dovetail with our exceptionally high installation standards and the expectations of our exacting customers, so offering our customers Rationel timber windows and doors in Somerset was a natural choice.
​Rationel has an excellent reputation and is particularly popular with Architects and self-builders.
Find out more about Rationel on our Rationel product page.


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So why is Anthracite the colour of choice by so many people? It would seem that there are some really valid reasons for choosing it, beyond what you may initially believe to be just a fashion trend. It's an extremely versatile dark grey colour. It really suits a whole manner of building materials (brick, render, stone etc.); It appears to almost disappear, its inconspicuous colour means that it is not the main thing your eye is drawn too and it doesn't detract from the other features of your home. This is especially pertinent when you compare it in contrast to the white we are so used to seeing everywhere; It's also a truly low maintena…

Competent Installation Teams

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So before I married a window fitter, I like most people didn't think much about the installation process, and assumed all window installation methods would be much the same, regardless of which company/installer you choose. Well now I know better. The difficult bit is explaining to other people how they are different, and why it makes a difference. So here goes, and if after reading you have any further questions about the installation method or anything else, please call us for a chat on 01823 245100. So what is different?Below shows the before, during and after photos of a relatively small window.  You'll notice that in the before photo the window is set back within the wall (it's within a stone building, so the walls are particularly thick), and their are tiles lining the external sill. Now when employing most companies, you would get a like for like installation. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is easier and quicker to survey. You don't really have to do …

Creating Stunning Views in Blagdon Hill

Today we are enjoying the lovely weather and views in Blagdon Hill. An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Blackdown Hills, just outside Taunton. You can get a taster of the stunning views that will be seen from every aspect of this converted chapel.

Matthew is installing the rest of the windows and french doors, having started phase one last year. We'll endeavour to add some more pictures tomorrow, as we work our way around the house. ​

The homeowners have chosen triple glazing, which will give them a significant reduction in the noise from the busy road. It also means they no longer need to have acoustic tiles and secondary glazing on top of their original double glazing shown right (which is unsightly, and with modern glazing advancements, unnecessary). This will give them the added benefits of regaining their deep window sills due to the removal of their secondary glazing windows, and an opportunity to recreate their deep sills in this period stone built house.

They were dr…

Aluminium REAL Showtime

Today we had a great time visiting the factory of REAL Aluminium in Gloucester.
​Having installed REAL since it's inception we are not surprised that they were this year's winner's of National Fenestration Award for Aluminium company 2016.


We can show you these great corner cross sections of the three REAL products: Classic-Al, Contemporary and Contemporary Square.

The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater

We are really proud to announce that we have been chosen to represent our sector on The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater. We have been identified as professional, reliable and trustworthy, for which we are very proud. It is a real honour to be chosen. ​The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater is a company dedicated to selecting, assessing and then reviewing genuinely recommended companies and services in our local area. Can you help us build our reviews?Please Click here to write us a review